How are addresses assigned?

Garvin County 9-1-1 assigns addresses for residences outside of city boundaries for Garvin County. We do not assign addresses for those within the city limits of Elmore City, Lindsay, Maysville, Paoli, Pauls Valley, Stratford, Wynnewood.  Garvin County 9-1-1 assigns addresses for structures, we do not assign addresses for undeveloped property(vacant land).

It is the policy of Garvin County 9-1-1 that a new road number be assigned when there are three or more residences utilizing the same driveway regardless of the length.

A Request For Address Assignment must be completed, a precise location of where the structure will be located and where the driveway will come out onto the county road must be known.  Addresses within Garvin County are assigned based on their location along the road.  Structures on the north and west sides of the road are assigned odd number addresses and structures on the south and east side of the road are assigned even numbers.

What do I do when I receive my address?

Once you have received your assigned address, you will notify the your local post office of the new address. The Post Office will instruct you as to where to place your mailbox.  You should post your assigned address on your structure and/or mailbox so it is clearly visible for Emergency Responders.

Reflective markers are available through the Garvin County Extension Office.

Google Maps, Bing Maps, other mapping applications

Mapping applications such as the ones listed above do not obtain their addressing data from Garvin County 9-1-1.  Often FedEx, UPS or vendors making deliveries use these mapping applications. Garvin County 9-1-1 does not have control over these mapping applications. If your address is not displaying in the correct location using ones of these applications, you may submit a correction to that application on your own. 

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